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PIT BULL SAVES BOY FROM HOUSE FIRE -  ”A Southport boy is alive thanks to his pit bull that woke him up from a nap when his house caught fire.”
A two-year-old Pit Bull named Ace helped save the life of Nick Lamb, who had taken off his hearing aid to take a nap. A fire broke out in his house in Indiana but Lamb was unable to hear the smoke alarm. Thankfully, Ace ran to his owner and woke him up. Read more from Fox 59:

Nick Lamb, 13, was born without the ability to hear, so the smoke alarms couldn’t wake him up, but his two-and-a-half year old pit bull Ace did. This isn’t just a story about the bond between a boy and his dog.
“Comes in my room a lot, and likes to play with me, and then, we also play out in the backyard sometimes, too,” said Nick.
In Nick’s eyes, Ace is a hero.
“Yeah, he saved my life,” Nick said. “I love him a lot more.”
Nick had gone down for an afternoon nap Wednesday and took out his cochlear as he normally does before he goes to sleep, and he didn’t hear the smoke alarms beeping.
Ace did, and knew he had to get Nick’s attention.
“He came in my room and started licking my face and then I woke up because I thought he wanted to go out back or something,” he said.

Ace came through when he was needed the most. Click here for the full story and a news video. (Image from Fox 59)



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